Driving Lessons Torfaen Prices

Driving Lessons Torfaen Prices

Single Hour Lesson (£22) – each lesson is 1 hour but depending on where you live (how far away you are) I may require you to take these as 2 hour lessons. You can buy the LDC Workbook and/or DVD direct from me if you require it but it is optional.

Block Booking (£200 – save £20) – This covers 10 hours of driving and can be taken however you prefer, anything from 10 x 1 hour lessons up to a single 10 hour lesson.

Test Booster (£400 – save £30) – This includes the 15 hours in car lessons (includes the 2 hours for the test), LD Workbook and DVD which requires 5 hours of study and the driving test fee. Your lessons can be booked as and when appropriate and I will try to ensure your test is tied in to your last few hours of you lessons. This is an ideal package for someone nearing test quality who just needs a booster. *

Midway Pass (£500 – save £40) – 20 hours of in car tuition(including the 2 hours for the test), the driving test fee and the LD Workbook and DVD are all included in this deal.  I will ensure that the last few lessons tie in with your test date. Ideal for someone who has had enough lessons to know the basics of driving. The hours can be intensive or weekly but the last few lessons need to tie in with the test date giving you that extra boost. The home study will require 8 hours, please ensure you have the time for this. *

Intensive Course (£700 – save £60) – 30 hours of in car tuition (including the 2 hours for the test), driving test fee and the LD Workbook and DVD are included. This can be taken over 1 or 2 weeks depending on your availability and is ideal for someone wishing to pass their test quickly. We will arrange your test for the end of the first or second week depending on which you choose or maybe the beginning of the following week if you prefer a gap of a few days to relax after the lessons. Any extra lessons needed will be charged at the discounted rate of £20ph, obviously we hope this isn’t needed but some pupils may need a few extra lessons *

*All the instensive/semi intensive courses included in this section (driving lessons Torfaen prices) that include a test fee requires you to have taken and passed your theory test. It is best to have done this before even applying for the course. If you risk taking your theory after booking this course you will not be allowed to take your driving test. These courses include the Test Booster, Midway Pass and intensive course.

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